Monday Blues

Oh it's Monday again!
  • Thanks God, the space given today was a bit comfortable. Everything moves smoothly. No kelam kabut and sepah-sepah. Thus I can recognize the person who make it before (perhaps~) Hahaha!
  • I was getting mad with a technician. He's not from my department, but always be in our office. He's such a nonsense and immature guy. He keep on talking about his daughter and keep on comparing me with her girl! Cheh! Pakcik, please...I am here not to be your benchmark. Bring your girl here, let everyone evaluate her. Don't just talk! I managed to control myself. I went out from the office and let him talk by himself! Lalala ( I won!)
  • Uh, I can't wait for the date. I do really hope that I can be there!
  • I miss my final year project (suddenly). I miss my VICON Motus and all the stuff in the Motion Lab Analysis, University Malaya. I will write about them later~
  • Counting the day (again), and also counting for money! Ahahaha
p/s: It's really an ugly Monday. I can't forget the uncle. Keep on mumbling about her daughter while everyone busy doing our jobs. Ahaha!

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