The 50th

It is my 5oth entry!

I've been writing since 13 March 2011. Being a blogger, I can't avoid myself from sharing my concern, ideas, and feelings (in an appropriate way). I do enjoy doing this as this is a part of my interest.

From now on, I'll start my writing in bilingual version: Malay and English. I hope this can be my best platform to improve my communication skills and language performances. As Mr. Sofian said, these will make us marketable in real life of career world. (Yes, they do!)

Dear readers: Keep in reading, and do support each other. I really appreciate my followers and readers because they are my friends. We are friends. I think Blogger has been a new phenomena leading ahead compared to Facebook and so on. Blogger is more effective and more flexible. Hu!

I love my blog!

p/s: It's so hard to finish this three paragraphs entry. It's been so long for not writing in English. Maybe got some grammar and sentence errors. I'm sorry, I'll make it better from time to time~ Promise!

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