Big Idea: Write it on a piece of paper!

I still remember when I was in 14 years old, I was a representative of Pahang State to Pertandingan Puisidra Sains Peringkat Kebangsaan.

There was a teacher who managed to do everything for my team including the poem itself, the props, costumes and all the steps and movements. She's a Biology and Mathematics teacher, but amazingly she can provide us all the art stuffs without major help from the art teacher, Pok Ya at that time.

When I came to the teacher (let me name her as Mama), I asked her:

"What's bringing you to this kind of energetic and superb ideas, mama?"

" Of every single idea that crosses your mind, do immediately write and record it on a piece of paper. That's why we (teachers) keep on encouraging you to write notes!"

" How do you implement that?" I still can't satisfy myself.

" Wherever you are, make sure you have a small notebook, jot down whatever plans, ideas or even your feelings of that moment. When you look at them again later, you'll find that they are big and great ideas!"

Until now, I always remember her words. How do I implement it today? I only have few things in my handbag: My purse (with no money inside~), a compact powder (compulsory), a pen, a small book- without make-up stuffs (no blusher, no eyeliner, no lipstick!) as long as I have my PEN and BOOK!

Big Ideas: Write it on a piece of paper!

p/s: I miss Mama...

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