Asset Audit

I drove my car only 60 km/h. It took about an hour to reach the hospital (plus minus with all the driving bureaucracies and prejudices along the road). (-.-) They always look small people and small car like mine can be easily bullied. This is bad! Huuu!

When I reached office, I had about 15 more minutes: Wandering around reading newspaper before starting the morning meeting. It's just nice for my routine. I like it. No one can change it.

As boss said, today will be an asset audit session where our department led by HQ persons will be around the hospital to check our assets. I laughed silently. Surely all the sisters and nurses will experience bad migraine and started to find and update their asset in the ward like crazy. Hahaha! (Ops, stop it, Dhiya!)

What you gave, you got back! I thought I was not included in the team. But my boss finally decided to do so. (Padan muka~). While waiting for the HQ team, I red all the tasks and procedures of the audit. Easier for me soon (kut)

As the door opened, I was extremely shocked. One of the HQ team was my senior during my UM life- Kak Sarah! Ya Allah~!!! She's one of the top students in her batch. I inherited her notes and work papers as my references during my final year. Hee!

We had a very nice chit chat about our life. It's a very great moment. We performed the audit procedures together and at the same time we kept on gossiping almost about everyone we know! Hhehe.

She also advised me in terms of my career life. She had inspired me a lot. She's great! Thank you, Kak Sarah!

Our session continued after lunch break. There were so many asset in the lab. We can't finish them all by today. The auditors must be very particular. On every single mistake we do, we have to be responsible. It's not an easy thing and I was amazed, how Kak Sarah can do it alone almost in all hospital in Pahang and Kuala Lumpur. Ya Allah, she's such a strong woman!

As the time reached 5.00 pm, we went down to the office and take a break. Fuh! It's very tiring eh~!

"Dhiya, don't forget...We didn't finish it yet."

"Ok Kak Sarah. I won't skip tomorrow's session" Hahaha!

That was it. A long and happy today's story. I met my old mate, we had a very fast adaptation and we did our job happily. Can't wait tomorrow. Kihkihkih!

p/s:Thanks Mr. Dictionary for helping me to complete this essay. Still got errors right? Uh...Dah lama tak menulis menggunakan bahasa pertama ni. Asyik berbunga-bunga dengan bahasa kedua je~

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