Congratulations, Husna!

Congratulations, Husna!

Married life will be merrier, but it is not as easy as we expect. May Allah guide your life, bring you and the whole family to Jannah. Insya Allah!

* Credit to Olin. All pictures below are hers, her camera. Mine is still in the hospital. Uh!

The menu. Nyun nyum!
Listening to the advices from Husna. Hee!
The Princess...
Waiting for her prince
From left: Olin, Dayah, Husna the Queen, Husna's mom, Ida. Sorry, Dhiya was not in the picture
Husna and Firdaus
Before going back!

Good to see my old friends. We enjoyed listening to each other. Till then, I start to realize how naughty I was during the secondary school in SMK Seri Jengka. Hahaha!

p/s: I miss my school days years ago!


  1. salam, actually husna's husband, firdaus was my classmate during my secondary school at SMK Ayer Hitam, form 4 and 5. there was only 5 malay boys in the class and so much so that we are very close....tak sangka juga, kamu pun kenal firdaus...coincident.