Not everyone enjoyed that kiss

I was one of the million peoples who watched the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Not to be too fanatic, just being a little girl who sat in front of television and watch it. That's all...Hee

My attention was grabbed when I saw this picture in Yahoo! interface yesterday. It was so cute, but full of meaning for me. And yes- Not everyone enjoyed that kiss. Huu! This picture signifies me many things.
Look at the girl in the red circle! She's sooooo cute! -source

"Maybe it was just a long day or perhaps she was overwhelmed by the screaming crowds in front of Buckingham Palace. Whatever the reason, it appears that of one of Catherine Middleton's littlest bridesmaids didn't have much love for the much-anticipated royal kiss on on the balcony. Cheer up kid, next stop is lunch!" - source

The cute girl might experienced a very tiring and long wedding day. She's hungry maybe~ Whose daughter she is? May I borrow you?

Abah said: "Stop dreaming Dhiya. It is impossible for you. "
"Yep abah, I know. They just looked very nice. That's why I share it in my blog."

p/s: Biha will be the flower girl for my wedding. <---eh~?

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