Buddy's Convocation Day

6 October 2011.

Today is Azly's convocation day. He is my buddy during his first year life in Biomed University of Malaya. The buddy system is one of the tradition in the department uniquely initiated not by the Biomed admin, but it's our own student initiative.

I still remember, they (first year students at that time) were distributed randomly among the second year seniors (my batch) and I was at first felt quite sad as I get a guy buddy. For me, it's seems to be difficult to communicate and to pass all the notes. I do believe that a guy (whoever as long as they are guys) can't take good care of my stuffs- books and notes and they don't have motivations to study. Yes, I was so cruel at that time. Azly was my victim of a stupid and narrowed thinking discrimination. Pity you, boy!

However, I still give him all my notes and particular books as he showed his interest towards this course. He keep on sms and calling me if he has any inquiries regarding the studies. I was not so excellent in my study too at that time, however I started to built up my own motivations and good role model as well as to study hard in order to help him.

On the first semester, during our semester break after examination, he was calling me telling that his result was too bad until he was put under observations by the department. I felt sorry and what can I do was to motivate and advice him. He started his first journey with a quite bad steps. But I strongly believe that he can wake up and do better for the next semesters.

Since that, I can see he works very hard. He never stop asking me about the books, notes and all the tips about the subjects taken. I know he's 'cedoking' (what a term, Dhiya!) my experience to be used in his life! But it's not a big problem for me. I was willingly give everything he need as he shows his passion and hardworking. My first impressions to him years ago were totally delpeted. Ii was wrong. He's not the one that I thought.

Now after four years of his study, he told me a surprise: He's the only Malay guy who managed to get >3.00 pointer in the course. It's amazing. He used to fail and felt demotivated in his study before. After a while he's a high achiever and today is the day to celebrate it! Well done, bro! You did it!

Now we know, : It is not how deep you fall, but how high you bounce back!

However, I felt very disappointed as I couldn't attend his convocation day. I did realize the day but I really couldn't make it since I am currently not in Kuala Lumpur. His session will be this evening and hopefully he will be happy with the celebration of the achievement. I'm pretty sure that he still got his colleagues and families to celebrate him. It's still okay if I'm not around. But I'll try my best to hand in my present to him later. Promise.

Dear Azly, Congratulations!

p/s: I need my second convocation!

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