A Year of Parenting


Dear all,

I know that I'm not the right person to talk about parenting. It is still far away to go, but I would like to make it as a tribute to my parents and friends who experience the parenthood life.

I have went through this website and found something that 200% significant with the topic.

I believe that my parents and friends have gone through those experiences and feelings. Do pray so that I can experience the same things and can even become a good parent.

Having kids after getting married seems like a perfect pathway of life. I would be jealous to see the young complete family walk together in the shopping complex strolling their baby just to spend their weekend while I walked alone like a loser.
But I know that it also a responsibility and commitment. A lot of things in every single aspect need to be revised and to be sacrificed necessarily.

Once I finish looking at the comic, I asked myself: Am I ready to sacrifice almost everything?

I can't give the answer.

Yep, marriage is all about giving; not all the time receiving. Marriage is all about turning ME to WE.

O Allah...Please give me strength and good starting point in my marriage life soon.


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