Please Welcome June!

Hi Jun...

Please be nice to me ok~

Few items to take note in June:

  • It's mid of the year. So please don't delay whatever your intentions. Make sure your to-do-list has reached the target at least half!

  • Ija, my good old friend would marry her Mr. Right. We used to be in the same primary school and always fight for nothing. Heh!

  • My exam would be on 13 and 21 June. What a long gap. This exam is my first exam after about three years leaving the first degree university life. 

  • Will officially start my two months semester break on 22 June (after the exam). 

  • Will be in kampung. No compromise. I just felt upset with some people who are easily putting bad comments on my decision. This is my hometown. My parents are here. So there is no reason for me to stay there. Got it?

  • I really wish to watch P Ramlee's movies during the holiday. I don't know why but surely I love it damn much. 

I am getting tired when people around me keep on asking the WHEN-question. They are very caring but I don't think the care is on the right place.
Now let it be like this: 
Once they ask me WHEN, I will ask them WHAT, WHY,WHO and HOW. 



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