English, please!

It has been a long time for not writing in English. Yup, it's my bad. I know a lot of things around, unfortunately I don't have the motivations to step forward and start it. It's totally different compared to three or four months ago. I used to write everything in English. I know there were mistakes somewhere, but I always correct it later.

Dhiya, please wake up!

It's not an easy thing to restart it. I need the passion. I need the strength. I've been discussing this issue before. My confidence is still not here. That's all. The rest, I can survive and come out with a better English writing.

I'm still getting inspired by Mr. Sofian who was my trainer few months ago. He's the one who make me realize that English is important yet very fun. I still remember his quote: "Grammar is sexy!" (Huh!)

I wish Mr. Sofian would read this one fine day soon.

p/s: Go, Dhiya!

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