Petition: Stop taxing Malaysian women for their Periods!

Dear ladies,

Women should not be taxed for the purchase of sanitary products that aid in our biological need to menstruate. While the government may be fully justified to tax a host of services and products for the country's profits, this SHOULD NOT extend to feminine sanitary products that we need on a monthly basis. We should NOT be penalized for simply being born a woman. GST on sanitary products infringes on our basic rights to access sanitary aid. 
Additional costs for sanitary products also SHOULD NOT be a laughing matter, as Mr. Tiong King Sing (BN-Bintulu) recently evoked in a recent parliamentary session which poked fun at women for questioning the motion to include feminine sanitary products in the list of GST items. We feel that this is derogatory towards women everywhere in the country. 
Women sanitary product is an essential item that should not be taxed. Taxation implements a monetary discouragement that lessens the product's accessibility and affordability. It is therefore damaging to stand by a tax that restricts the public's access to basic healthcare that constrains their ability to consume products that would otherwise assist in their monthly cycles.  
This petition will run for one month from the 20th of March 2015. At the end of this period, the petition and an appeal will be submitted to the Ministry of Women, Family and Community for further action to eventually get all sanitary feminine hygiene products to the Zero GST list. 
P/S - We are not a political group. We have no affiliations with any political groups. Just Malaysian women who agrees that there should not be additional taxes towards women's sanitary products.
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  1. diaorang ni kalau boleh semua pun nak tax sekarang ni...

  2. gst punya hal la ni..mungkin dorg tak terfikir yang benda ni adalah sebahagian dr keperluan yang sangat perlu di masa kini

    sedih la kak benda alah ni pun kene cukaiiiii