Nabiha's Birthday Celebration


It was 25th January 2013 when I went home town. My sister decided to have a celebration for her daughter- Nabiha. It was all-of us-in one celebration actually. Nabiha's was on 12 January, mine was on 13 January and Akak herself was on 15 January! Since we did not have enough time to do it at home, then we went and 'attacked' Nabiha's kindergarten teachers! And yes, we did it at dining hall of the kindergarten.

The cake. Nabiha is 5 years old.
Sorry I have to hide the other two ages :p
The dining hall. It is a new dining hall. Built up around 5 years ago (kut)
Alamak, the watermark had covered all their faces. Sorry, kids!
One of the Indian student in the class. The teachers said they have difficulties to communicate as they can't understan and speak  in Malay. But after few weeks of school session,  the kids managed to at least understand what teachers said. At least- Shut up!
And this is the young lady who is very independent :)
Intan. She's so cute. See how she wore the mask!
The happy faces waiting for the cakes
Oh la!
Again, the happy faces. Kakak, (they called me kakak- Lantak~) cepatla. Kita nak makan kek! (o-0)
The one who we celebrate
Caught in action.
Let's put the candle first
Get ready
And now!
This is the 'MUST' session after eating. See the boy beside Nabiha. He is another one Indian student in the class.
It's a 1 Malaysia school.
Happy belated birthday, Nabiha. May Allah shower you with His bless. We love you to the max!
With love,
Dhiya Dahlia

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