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This entry is basically to introduce you our (my husband, to be exact) new gadget which in line with our new interest.
My husband decided to buy this sport action camera (something very similar to GoPro, but we can't afford to buy one) because he found that there is a need for us to have it. Ever since we got married, we travelled a lot and brought the big chunk Nikon DSLR. After few times of travelling, we had agreed that our baby Nikon is now a toddler and too big for short getaway and backpacking trips. So that's why my husband bought this tiny camera.

A day after buying the camera, we went to Pantai Jeram. Initially we planned to go to Sekinchan paddy field but it's too far for us. Pantai Jeram will do. Not a big issue at all, as long as we can get to know our new baby better.

It's a high tide peak season at that time. Weekend and sunset were the best combination for us to enjoy sightseeing and playing around with our camera.

So here're the pictures snapped by using our newly bought action camera. We're very happy with the performance so far. The photos captured are all awesome. We love the under water photos during our short vacation in Cherating last 2 fortnight.
The video recordings are also sharp and decent. The connection with the apps is real in time, with no delay. We like it super much.
Wide lens produce wide view photo.
Since the camera can be connected to the smartphone, we can instantly upload the photos and upload them into the social media. (Sorry I don't do this. The more you show, the less you have~!) That's my personal policy. 
People were enjoying the sunset. Pantai Jeram provides you a vast parking space and a lot of stalls. It's very suitable for families. Bring along your kids' tricycle and kites and they will be happy enough.
For those who are looking for hotels and homestay around Pantai Jeram, yes you can. There're so many budget hotels and homestays around the location including Kuala Selangor, Sungai Besar and even Sekinchan!

And most importantly, you have to try Aroma Ikan Bakar Jeram. It's just nearby Pantai Jeram. Enjoy the original taste of seafood at the jetty. You will like it!

My Pantai Jeram and baby camera review ends here. More reviews are coming.


Dhiya Dahlia

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