It's Friday!

One week left!

It's like a dream. I can't feel that it's already five weeks here. Next week will be my convocation day. Another following week also will be my convocation. Double convocation, double happiness, huh! Great!

Unfortunately there are a lot of things to finish before I leave. My hospitality role play is still in progress. My newspaper also is still in the making. The interview questions are still there without answers. (Hot chair session will be tomorrow, Dhiya!)

It's not because I'm not doing my job or have no commitment. I do. However it's a very tiring day when you manage to spend your whole day 9am to 6pm everyday. That happen to me now and as the result, I spend my whole night sleeping and do nothing but sleeping. Hu! (Are you sure, Dhiya?)

It's lunch break time now. The gap is quite long since today is Friday. I can't go back to hostel as my car was blocked by other cars near the mosque. I do enjoy myself here. I borrow this guy's laptop as he goes to the mosque. He!
I do really need to write something in this blog. It has been quite a long time for not writing stories here. My friends keep on asking me [what][who][when][why] and [how] questions regarding on what I am doing now. Unfortunately this mysterious girl can't tell much. She's just a girl who is surviving for her life, for her family.
That's all.
However my close friends know almost everything what's going on here. I am okay, I am safe. No need to worry too much.

Oh ya...My Baby-K also is doing well here. She's very happy to be with me and her daddy as well as her sister, the Elis. (Kelisa). Haha! Yeah, name Elis was given by her daddy! Kahkahkah!
However, the front light of my Baby-K was blown out. Maybe we'll fix it by this weekend, provided her daddy will come. (^^)

Hu~! Long enough. I'm proud to be a girl named Dhiya! The owner of this laptop is coming back already. Chow!

p/s: See you later!

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